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Duke's McLeod the Family's First College Grad

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DURHAM — Graduation Sunday at Duke University found thousands of seniors in caps and gowns, and one tall conferee carrying a two-year-old child. Roshown McLeod is the first in his inner city family to earn a college diploma.

"It's been a long road," McLeod admits. "It seemed like an eternity. But it's finally here. It's a special day for my family that we can share and also my son."

Anthony Roshown McLeod is the focal point of his basketball playing Dad's attention. While McLeod may pursue a career in pro basketball, his studies in sociology at Duke have built a burning desire to to do more.

"I want to go back to the community and help underprivileged children," says McLeod. "With me being an athletic figure, the kids know who I am. They see me on TV. Kids want to listen to the people they see on TV more than listen to their parents sometimes."

And from that standpoint, continued success on the basketball court would help Roshown McLeod get through to inner city kids about the importance of education. For him, basketball is the medium, but it's not the only message.


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