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Extra Effort Winner Loves to Laugh

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Shannon and a group of friends celebrate her winning the Extra Effort Award.
LILLINGTON — At Western Harnett High School, senior Shannon Watkins is this week's Extra Effort Award winner. Shannon has a lot of people who admire her.

"I believe the thing that makes Shannon the best is the fact that winning or losing, she is high spirited," says teacher and coach, Stacy Mann. "She's always pumping everybody up."

In the fall, Shannon Watkins was All Five County 3A Conference in volleyball. She was team captain and the Western Harnett Most Valuable Player. This spring, she has qualified for the Eastern 3A regional in the discus. Shannon loves sports, and she loves to laugh.

"I love to laugh," Shannon admits. "That's one thing I can do best. I love, I guess they call it 'tripping out.' That's the one thing I did on the court. I kept everyone up when we were losing. I always put a smile on everybody's face and made them laugh about it. We took things serious. I know when to be serious. But I'm still a good-hearted person."

Mann says Shannon is always a positive person, even when she's down. She's also an all-around thoughtful person-- everywhere, all the time, with everybody.

Shannon Watkins is an excellent student, with close to a 4.0 grade point average. She will attend Carolina this coming fall. She's one of those who says athletics has helped her academically.

"Athletics helps my academics," Shannon explains. "I do better when I have a lot of pressure on me. I constantly try to have things going on. Athletics gives me a chance to get all of my frustrations out, so I can concentrate in the classroom, as well."

Teacher and coach, Kelli Hulsey, says Shannon likes to encourage the younger students and is constantly challenging herself. Shannon says none of her success in sports or in the classroom could have been done without a good attitude and a smile on her face.

Shannon Watkins of Western Harnett High School is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award.

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