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Intimacy Institute Helps Couples Reignite Passion

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CHAPEL HILL — Is there something missing from your marriage, a special spark perhaps? That spark fuels intimacy. And without intimacy, a marriage can fizzle. One Chapel Hill company has some suggestions about how to get the sizzle back.

"We've been taught not to talk about intimacy," says Dr. Mark Schoen. "We've been taught from day one not to talk about sexual or intimate issues."

Schoen's job as the director of Sex Education atSinclair Intimacy Instituteis to get people talking.

"We try to help you improve where you're at, or give you some material that will give you information that you may be lacking," Schoen says.

Schoen says there are easy ways out of the ruts that many long-time couples ease their way into.

Sinclair's "Intimacy Quotient"is one way out. The quiz provides a way to assess your intimate life. It is fun and interactive, and there are no right or wrong responses.

"We make some recommendations based on the input you give. Some products, books, videotapes, that might be an asset to you based on the information that you put into the SIQ," Schoen says.

The videos are packaged like a romance novel and they are just as racy, not for the timid. All of the people who appear in the videos are real people, not actors. They are loving couples being intimate with each other.

"Our video library is used by sex therapists all over the world," Schoen says.

Schoen says couples can regain intimacy without involving anyone else. The trick is communication.

"As long as you're able to communicate your likes and dislikes using a combination of verbal and nonverbal communication, it can work," he says.

When it does, a happy marriage is made that much happier. What did you think about this story?Send us feedback.


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