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Black Belt Grandma Gives Up Cooking for Kicking

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RALEIGH — The martial arts not only keep you physically fit, they are a great way to relieve stress. WRAL's Jeff Gravley recently met a lady who is still kicking after 50.

Fear first brought Melody Clark to the martial arts ten years ago. Staying fit has kept her in the arts. Melody is 53, a grandmother of three and a 4th degree black belt. It's quite a role reversal from her younger years.

"When I was in my early 20's, I was baking brownies and knitting sweaters, skating socks and mittens," Melody recalls. "Now, I'm kicking."

Boy, is she popular with her three grandkids. She teaches them the arts and really thrills them with a picture she had taken with Chuck Norris.

"They're kind of in awe," admits Melody. "Anytime anyone comes to the house, they say 'there's my grandma with Chuck Norris.' They're pretty proud of it."

Not only have the martial arts introduced Melody to Chuck Norris, they have helped her knock down many barriers. Melody doesn't go around asking for trouble, but she certainly has the answer.


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