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Roberts Duo Withstand Hits Together

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CHAPEL HILL — The North Carolina Tar Heels are on a baseball hot streak thanks to a father-son duo in their last go 'round.

For Brian Roberts to be having the type of season he is speaks volumes of a young man with inner strength and peace of mind. Brian Roberts is the son of UNC coach, Mike Roberts. For years, the elder Roberts has been an easy target for opposing fans. Most recently, he was asked to step down as coach. Through it all, his son endures. In fact, he excels:

"I've been in the stands for 18 years," Brian Roberts recalls, "and I've heard him get yelled at, and that hurt not being out there to do anything about it. So finally, I've been able to be out there and to help out, and hopefully, not get him yelled at quite as much. It's been fun. It's been hard at times, but everything has worked out."

A .376 average, 11 homers, 42 runs batted in and 54 stolen bases-- those incredible numbers from a player who was oh, so close to just walking away.

"I think it has been very tough," Coach Mike Roberts says. "There was one point this year where I wasn't sure if I wanted to coach anymore or if he wanted to play. But, Brian is a very strong Christian, and I think he looks for his strength there."

One can only imagine how much strength it does take when your father is smack-dab in the middle of the firing line.