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Triangle Gymnasts Balance the Sport with School

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Josh likes the feeling of flying
RALEIGH — Josh Goodwin has been chalking up for almost as long as he can remember, developing a passion for gymnastics:

"I saw it on TV-- on the Olympics," Goodwin recalls. "I liked it right away. It's not your usual baseball or football type sport."

No it isn't. The sport requires a minimum of 15-20 hours a week of tireless training:

"I do my homework, and then for three hours a day I come to the gym," says gymnast, Adam Owens. "I don't have time for a lot of things, like to hang out with friends."

Many young boys start gymnastics. Because of competition for time, few teenagers stick. Josh Goodwin and Adam Owens are two of the few. Balancing high school life with gymnastics takes discipline, but they like what this sport gives them.

Owens says being a gymnast is something to feel proud of because not that many people can do it."

For Goodwin, flying around in the air is always a rush. Gymnastics requires courage and confidence-- being about to trust in your coach and yourself. Without trust, the sport would be impossible.

On the other side of the bar, successfully managing the routines, especially on days when the body isn't so willing, promotes self-confidence. Beyond that, gymnastics could lead to college scholarships for Josh and Adam, and they hope for a life of happy landings.