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X-Games are Ex-citing

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RALEIGH — It's official alternative sports has hit the Triangle! Saturday, ESPN's X Games Experience drew thousands to downtown Raleigh.

The tour is traveling to ten different cities and features demonstrations by some daring athletes.

"If you've seen the X games on t.v., it's kind of like the alternative olympics," X Games Spokesperson Beth Swanson said.

The X Games is pushing people's buttons across the country and around the world.

The event started in 1995, and the summer and winter competitions are now broadcast in nearly 200 countries.

The games include everything from stunt biking to in-line skating to skateboarding.

"You'll see kids as young as 6 and you'll see adults who were skateboarding in the 70's and are now doing it again," Swanson said.

The tour is a chance to bring the X games to a broader audience and it gives everyday people a chance to experience alternative sports first hand.

More than 400 athletes train year round for the games, and many said that the growing popularity is just the boost they need.

And X followers will tell you it is not just the attitude, it's the experience.

If you're game, the event will continue tomorrow at the Raleigh Convention Center Plaza from eleven to five.