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Extreme Athletes Wow Raleigh Crowd

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RALEIGH — They don't score touchdowns, dribble a basketball or hit home runs. But they are a group of athletes with just as many dazzling skills. They are athletes of the Extreme (X) Games, and they are preparing to wow the Raleigh crowd.

If you haven't gotten a chance to see some of these high flying, gravity defying athletes, now is your chance. The X-Games 10 city tour is here.

"A lot of cities would love to host the X-Games," says spokesperson Beth Swanson. "Unfortunately, we can't take them all over the country. This year, they are in San Diego. So, it's kind of a way to bring it to the cities that are most interested."

But before they spin, flip and fall, the ramps have to be secured, the rock walls have to be constructed and all the other X-Game scenery has to be in place, for what they call "alternative sports."

Pros like 4-year inline skater Adam Buchter skate the half pike while doing flips, spins and getting a lot of big air.

This X-Game experience is more than a chance for people to watch and wonder, they will also get a chance to try some of these high flying stunts in the hopes of creating new fans and many even athletes for their sport.

Buchter is hoping the Raleigh crowd will think the X-Games are cool enough to pick up and do themselves.