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Russ Morman Still Looking for Full Season in the Majors

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DURHAM — How would you like being 35 years old and still playing minor league baseball? If you're a Durham Bull named Russ Morman, you kind of like it.

Russ Morman is only one week away from his 36th birthday. In 16 seasons of minor league ball, he's seen it all-- including the games where there were more ushers in the stands than there were fans.

No active minor leaguer has hit more homers in the minors than Morman. He has 191, and it's only a matter of time before #200 clears the wall.

"It's going to happen," Morman says. "It's not anything I have any control over. Home runs are streaky."

Morman isn't all minor league. He's played 207 major league games, but he's never spent a full season in the majors. That's what keeps him coming back.

"My dream is to be the big leaguer for the whole season," admits Morman, "not just for a week or two weeks or a month at a time. It's to be Russ Morman, major leaguer."

That little ray of hope is all Morman needs to keep taking cuts at the ballpark.

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