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Wilson Hunt Coach Calls Laughridge the Best in the State

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WILSON — At Hunt High School in Wilson, the Warriors soccer team is 9-0. A major reason for that is Jennifer Laughridge, the week's winner of the Extra Effort Award.

Jennifer has had a tremendous soccer career. She's scored 35 goals this season and 147 in her career. Her honors are numerous: All State, twice the Region Three Player of the Year, the three-time Big Eight Player of the Year. Hunt coach Mike Petty says Jennifer could be the best player in the state: In my opinion, what makes her the best in the state is her heart. She's got the skills. She's got the determination. She's got the work ethic. But she never quits. That sets her apart from other kids. She doesn't just stop where she is. She gets better everyday. She makes the players around her better. She's a very unselfish player. She knows she has the skills to step up and do the things we need done individually, but she involves the rest of the team. That makes us a much better team because we are 11 players instead of one.

Jennifer is a firm believer that if she tries to make the team better, the individual awards will come along with that. Despite the team's success, Jennifer takes no credit for the success on her own.

Aside from the playing field, Jennifer has made her mark in the classroom with a 4.2 grade point average. She has impressed coaches, teachers and students, not just with her athletic and scholastic abilities, but with her character.

"She's a great kid. And she's going to be a tremendous adult who's going to make a difference in the community someday."

Jennifer Laughridge of Hunt High School in Wilson is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award.