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Golfers Could Have a Devil of a Time Against Duke

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DURHAM — The Duke Blue Devils are the favorites when the ACC Women's Golf Tournament begins later this week in Greensboro. Not only does Duke have the highest ranked team, the Blue Devils have one of the country's top players, Jenny Chuasiriporn.

She's the kind of player who stands out. She's long off the tee and prominent on the roster. You don't forget a name with twelve letters in it. Jenny's name looks like Chua-siri-porn. But that's not how it's pronounced. Don't pronounce the "a," and you have something that sounds like Sha-syra-porn.

We'll call her Jenny C. She not only plays the game well. She brings the right attitude to the golf course.

"Every professional who ever made a living figured out eventually not to have the whole world resting on his shoulders," says Duke coach, Dan Brooks. "Jenny has that already. She's got perspective."

Chuasiriporn typically posts a top score. But her influence doesn't stop there. In what is primarily an individual sport, players at Duke say Jenny C. is a great teammate.

Amie Lehman say she doesn't often think of Jenny as a player, but more of a great friend and a fine person to be around. The Duke experience and golf has been something Jenny won't soon forget. She says she wouldn't trade it for the world.

The folks at Duke think they have the best player in the country in Jenny Chuasiriporn, and the Blue Devils believe they have a chance to be the best team in the country.


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