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Once A Devil, Always A Devil

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TAMPA — The Duke basketball team will have at least one big supporter when the Devils go to St. Petersburg.

Former Blue Devil Quinton McCracken has landed a job with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team.

McCracken made his major league debut with the Colorado Rockies playing outfield and in the last two years he got over 600 at bats.

Team Manager Larry Rothchild believes that McCracken is a complete package, and said that he is a good competitor, a great person and that he has learned how to lead off the batting rotation.

It's tough for some players to accept being let go by another team, but not McCracken. Tampa Bay is giving him the break he needs.

McCracken said, "I'm still in the process of trying to create a niche for myself. As I said, I'm grateful to Tampa Bay for giving me the opportunity to come out here and compete for an everyday job."

While at Duke, McCracken spent the fall in pads with the football team, and then headed to the plate for the baseball team. In between, he followed the Duke basketball team and still does.

"I definitely keep track of them, it's hard not to since they are in the headlines each and every day, McCracken said. I'm happy for that program. My claim to fame is that I was at Duke during the glory years from 88 to 92, and it was a given that they would be in the finals"

If his baseball schedule clears, bank on Quinton McCracken finding a seat this week to watch Duke play hoops in the arena where McCracken will lead off for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.