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Bunn's Jimmy Thorne a Leader and Friend

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BUNN — There's a lot of excitement at Bunn High School about their basketball team, and with good reason. The Wildcats, the eastern champs, will play this Saturday in Chapel Hill for the State 1-A championship. A big reason for this, Jimmy Thorne-- this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award.

Thorne is Bunn's leader, averaging 19 points per game. His coach says no one is more deserving.

"Jimmy winning the Extra Effort Award is perfect," says Coach Scott McInnes, "because Jimmy works so hard. He really does. He dedicates himself in the summertime when everyone else is just sitting at home watching re-runs and cartoons. Jimmy gets after it and really works hard. He is the epitome of the Extra Effort Award. He means a lot to the team."

Jimmy Thorne is well respected in the Bunn community as someone who works hard, whether it's in the classroom, on the basketball court or just being a friend.

Teacher Robert Taylor says Jimmy brings a touch of class, as a mild-mannered, kind, courteous and diligent person. Taylor considers Jimmy a role-model, the kind of person who will go out of his way to help someone else.

Jimmy Thorne-- he'll lead Bunn into this Saturday's 1-A championship game. And he's this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award.