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Guthridge Looks to Enjoy Job Even More

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CHAPEL HILL — Carolina is preparing for the tournament having lost two of its last three. Going into the ACC showdown, there's been some speculation about the future of Coach Bill Guthridge and the health of the Carolina offense.

More than one columnist has suggested that Bill Guthridge will be a one-year coach. The Tar Heels' new head man admitted Tuesday, losses like the one to Duke really bother him. But that on balance, he's enjoying himself.

"I made a long-term commitment," Guthridge says. "The only reason I would not make it a long-term commitment would be if I thought I was hurting the program, or if it was completely miserable for me, which it isn't."

Guthridge felt a special frustration last Saturday at the Tar Heels' and the coaches' inability to get the ball to Antawn Jamison, a unanimous choice to the All-ACC first team.

The Tar Heels worked on fixing the problem in practice by getting the timing of its offense right and regaining focus.

If Carolina can improve the timing of its screens, cuts and passes, then by this time next week, Bill Guthridge will really enjoy being a head coach.

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