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Could Shoe Swap Be Tied to NCSU Injuries?

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Athletic Director Les Robinson
RALEIGH — The big basketball game between the Wolfpack and UNC wasn't the match the State fans had planned for. That's because four of NC State's key players are out with foot injuries. State has a contract with Adidas, but it recently switched shoes. Is there a connection?

Could the switcheroo from Adidas to Nike be cause of the various foot injuries plaguing the Wolfpack squad? The shoes may not be the problem. In fact, Duke's Elton Brand broke his foot wearing Nike.

Athletic Director Les Robinson says players have always gone from shoe to shoe, but there's never been a case of foot injuries being traced to a particular brand of shoe.

"The interesting thing about these large multi-million dollar contracts, is that, each shoe is developed differently," says Dr. Doug Martini. "Everybody on the team has a different foot."

Proper fitting is key. It isn't just the shoes. It has to do with bigger, faster, stronger athletes with longer schedules.

Dr. Martini says there is a lot of athleticism associated with basketball. Because the mechanical properties of bones are finite, applying rapid force to bone will cause it to break.

While the shoes are probably not the problem, switching brands seems to be the answer, at least for now.



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