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Three Candidates Vying for Fayetteville Mayor's Seat

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FAYETTEVILLE — Residents of Fayetteville will not see a lot of campaign ads on TV or signs around town for the upcoming mayoral primary.

There are three candidates running for mayor. Only incumbent J.L. Dawkins has name recognition. The other two candidates say they will wait to see who makes it past the primary before starting a full-force campaign.

Mayor Dawkins does not have to solicit money for his campaign; his supporters come to him. The six-term mayor is so well liked, there is already a city block named after him.

Dawkins thinks his biggest challenge in the upcoming primary will not come from the other candidates, but in convincing Fayetteville residents he is well enough to run.

"If for some reason I, though I physically couldn't serve, I love this city too much, I wouldn't attempt it," says Dawkins.

The 63-year-old continues to undergo treatment forbone cancer. He says his doctors are amazed by his improvement, and along with family members, have encouraged him to run. Dawkins say if you doubt his energy, just follow him around for a day.

The other candidates say they did not enter the race to try and capitalize on the mayor's illness.

"I think he feels he can do it and as long as he continues to feel like he can run, I say go for it," says Stephen Felder, a disabled veteran who says he is running to hear the concerns of the people.

Postal worker Edna Pickett says she is in the race to try and speak for the minority, and to push higher police pay.

"Police deserve our respect and the way to show them is by giving them more money," says Pickett.

Along with the mayor's race, candidates in five council seats will also be narrowed down in the primary.