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Fees Crowning Touch at Fayetteville Coliseum

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FAYETTEVILLE — Visitors to Fayetteville's newCrown Coliseumwill soon pay more to attend events there. Managers hope the increased revenue will allow them to keep the place going.

Overall attendance at Coliseum events is actually up over last year. But leaders say they project problems in the future.

"We're up a couple hundred thousand over in revenue, but the problem is we're under in projections," says Kendall Wall, President of theCumberland County Coliseum Complex. "We've just had several events cancelled or rescheduled for next year."

Some events, like the ice show, had fewer shows than in previous years. Attendance was down for hockey games. And concession sales slumped.

Next year, the Coliseum may also have to deal with a possible cut in county funding.

They estimate a shortfall of $775,000.

As a result, The Civic Center Commission has chosen to add a $1 surcharge to tickets sold at the Coliseum box office. And unless prohibited by the promoter, there will be a $3 parking fee.

Some concert-goers believe they are already paying enough.

"I don't believe added ticket price and parking fees are going to alleviate the problem. I believe they should have had a little bit more advanced planning," says patron Mike Myers.

But Wall defends the handling fee. "The dollar fee is done at Walnut Creek and other buildings, so it's done in the industry. It's still cheaper than whatTicketmasterwould charge at the outlet or by phone."

The new fees will go into effect when the next budget year begins July 1. The fees are expected to bring in an estimated $300,000 a year.

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