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Developers Put the Brakes on Raleigh Mountain Bike Trails

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RALEIGH — Some popular mountain biking trails in Raleigh will fall victim to progress Wednesday when a developer puts up the "No Trespassing" signs.

Mountain bikers say the signs represent the end of an era. Over the past four years, the bikers have created 17 miles of trails on private property off Dunn Road near Falls Lake.

The Dunn Road trails became one of the most popular spots in the Triangle for mountain bikers. A few days ago, they learned the fun was about to end. "I ran into one of the developers on Sunday and, he said they're going to put signs up so the surveyors can come in and bulldoze it," explains Steve Kaufman.

The bikers say they have to carve out these "illegal" trails because there are not enough places to ride. The county and state maintain less than 20 miles of mountain biking trails in Wake County.

"It seems to be a pretty popular sport now, and a lot of people are starting to do it. And our sister park, Harris Lake, is actually building quite a few trails out on their park now, too," says biker Andy Thomas. But it could be years before new trails are finished.

In the meantime, development is swallowing up their turf. Dozens of die-hard bikers hit the trail Tuesday night for one final ride at Dunn Road.

The mountain bikers are already eyeing another piece of property where they plan to build 40 to 50 miles of new trails. They hope to eventually see 150 miles of trails connecting the entire Triangle.


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