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Jury Selection in Eggleston Murder Case Begins Tuesday

Posted July 4, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— It has been nearly two years since 16-year-old Chris Eggleston was found murdered behind his high school in Fayetteville. The killing shocked the community and sent fear through the hearts of parents after police arrested two of the victim's classmates.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Tuesday morning as one of those classmates is set to stand trial.

Shanon Tysonis charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping in the Eggleston killing.

The other student charged, Matthew Myers, is serving 25 to 31 years afterpleading guilty to second degree murder and kidnapping.

Eggleston was found bound and strangled behind Westover High School back in June 1997.

Investigators believe Eggleston was killed after he fell out of favor with a group called "the Kindred."

Detectives say Myers was a member of the Gothic-type group, and Tyson was the leader. In an April prison interview, Myers said Tyson gave the order to kill Eggleston.

"Is Tyson responsible and should she be convicted of what she's charged with? Yes, mainly because of her involvement and how much she was involved in it. Everything that happened that day she planned out," said Myers.

Eggleston's parents believe others are also partly responsible for their son's murder.

Three months ago, theyfiled a lawsuitagainst theCumberland County School Systemalleging that administrators and teachers knew that "the Kindred" had the potential to be violent.

"It seems like every day is another day of grieving. It's not something that goes away or gets easier to deal with. On top of that, we watch the news every day, because we are afraid something like this will happen again," said Wayne Eggleston.

Because Tyson was 16 years old at the time of the murder, state law says she cannot face the death penalty if convicted.