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Fayetteville Calls It Quits on Red-Light Cameras

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Red-light cameras to catch traffic violators are on their way out in Fayetteville, victims of an unresolvable dispute over splitting the income from fines.

Fines from violators caught by cameras are supposed to go to the local school system. A court ruled in a case involving High Point that the municipality operating the cameras could keep 10 percent to cover costs. An appeal is pending with the state Supreme Court.

City Councilman Curtis Worthy said the schools wants 100 percent of the fines, and the city wants to keep enough to cover its expenses.

Fayetteville and the Cumberland County school system have been trying to agree on fee-splitting but haven't, and the city says that the system, which uses 35mm film that has to be developed is not financially feasible otherwise.

The city's contract for the camera system runs out July 31, and that will be the end.

The city said it might consider bringing back digital cameras if the funding distribution can be resolved.

The city has nine cameras. a 10th came down in a fatal accident car accident this month.


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