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Advocacy Group Says Childhood Vaccinations May Do More Harm Than Good

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RALEIGH — Vaccines were developed to keep children healthy, but now some say they do more harm than good.

North Carolina children must receive at least 17 shots before they can enter school. But some say therequired immunizationsmay be too much for youngsters.

Members of Citizens For Healthcare Freedom want parents to have more information about immunizations. Group members -- 200 of them -- also believe parents should have the freedom to choose which shots their children receive.

The group is also worried that an increase in the required number of immunizations has led to an increase in autoimmune and chronic illnesses like asthma, arthritis and diabetes.

But state health care workers disagree.

"We're in constant conversation with theCDCand federal government agencies and they're not aware of any scientific data that say vaccines cause any of these chronic diseases or autoimmune disorders," says Lori Walston, of thestate health department.

The health department says it provided 2.6 million doses of vaccines last year and is only aware of 57 adverse effects.

Many of the groups questioning the required number of vaccinations say they want the health benefits of each vaccine studied.

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