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Get Your Satisfaction on the Web, and Ask The Unknown

Posted June 4, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— If you are looking for an outlet to complain about a company, a few Web sites may help you get results; and if you have any daily-living kinds of questions, the Internet may have the answers.

Complain.comis the newest consumer complaint site. For $20, the service identifies the names of the offending company's CEO and customer service person.

The site will write two letters, real letters on Complain.com letterhead, and send them to the person complaining to sign and send to the company.

Users must also fill in a lengthy form to make sure the information is correct. Complain.com also sends e-mail when the complaint is about an e-commerce site.

The company says it uses real snail mail because many companies do not pay attention to e-mail complaints.

Cemptor.com offers a free consumer complaint service. Users can check complaints filed by other consumers and lodge their own.

If you are ever stumped over an everyday life question, like how to open a coconut, check out theLearn2Web site.

The site has step-by-step instructions and graphics to help out, and opening a coconut is not an easy task.

Ask Jeevesis another great site to get most any question answered. For example, when does the next millennium begin? After clicking the "ask" button, a quizlet popped up on a page full of information, 50 percent of the people knew it begins January 1, 2001. 33 percent were wrong guessing this coming New Year's Day, and 17 percent did not care.

Why not ask Jeeves about the location of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse? Jeeves' response was a virtual library of information about lighthouses including Cape Hatteras, though nothing aboutthe move.