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Wake County Residents Protest Property Tax Increase

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RALEIGH — Wake County's property tax increase went into effect Thursday, but not without protest from residents who gathered to tell lawmakers what they think about the rate hike.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Fayetteville Street Mall in downtown Raleigh.

Some sported tea bags in honor of the Boston Tea Party. Residents say the latest tax hike is tantamount to what happened in Boston more than 200 years ago. So, they had their own tea party.

"I don't think there's anyone left in America who doesn't feel they pay enough taxes," said speaker David Iannucci. "And if I'm wrong, and there are those people, they are more than welcome to take their hard-earned dollars, stick it in an envelope, [and] send it to the Board of Commissioners because they'll darn well be glad to cash that check."

People were encouraged to sign a petition to send to the County Commission. The Commission raised the property tax in an effort to generate revenue forWake County Schools, which is strapped for funds aftera recent bond referendum failed.

The Wake County Taxpayers Association sponsored the event. Photographer: Joe Anthony

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