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Fashion Takes Center Stage at CIAA Tournament

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WINSTON-SALEM — The CIAA tournament sports some of the best-dressed fans in the country. When the ticket-holders plan their wardrobes, casual is definitely not on their minds.

Some fans make real fashion statements at the basketball games. The walkways and coliseum concourse look more like a catwalk at a New York fashion show.

"You just feel good about yourself, and you wear what you feel you want to put on," says CIAA fan Norma Petway.

The CIAA is the place to be, and the place to be seen. Although some fans are molded from a different model.

"I like to do my own thing," says CIAA fan Arnetta Herring. "I'm always making a statement. I don't know what statement, but I'm making one."

If unique is what you seek, look no further than the man everyone knows as Mr. CIAA, who attracts attention like magnets to steal.

But not everyone is not dragging out their Sunday best because they want to.

"We are valet parking the VIP cars, and this is how they want us to dress," a coliseum employee said. "You got to do, what you got do."

Be on the lookout because the fashionable fans and the basketball will strut their stuff in Raleigh next season.

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