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Local Deejay Wants To Tune Out Violent Lyrics In Music

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RALEIGH — For as long as there has been rock and roll, there has been a parent yelling at a teen-ager to turn it down. But one deejay team wants you to turn up the music and listen.

At any given time of the day depending on which radio station you're listening to, certain lyrics are so edgy, they are bleeped out.

When Jennifer Price spins the music for a party, you will not hear violent or explicit lyrics. They are frowned upon like bad grammar in a Honors English class.

"We stay away from it completely," Price said. "We don't even play it for adult crowds."

Price works with her husband, David, in the deejay business.

Eminem, Kid Rock and DMX are among the music groups kids are requesting at parties that Price will not play.

She says when she started paying attention to some of the lyrics, they were hair-raising.

"He (Eminem) talks about slitting his mother's wrist," Price said. "He says his mother does more drugs than he does."

Price says songs with those kinds of graphic lyrics are banned from her music list.

"The scary thing is kids can get a hold of this music," Price said. "They can't get a hold of adult videos, but they can get a hold of this music that is so over the edge. It's beyond R ratings."

The party is billed as a place for teens to have good clean fun and that includes the music, much to the relief of George Edwards.

"It certainly makes us feel comfortable dropping them off at a place like this," said Edwards, a parent. "We know the music is not going to be too far out."

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