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World Games Officials Deal with Housing Issues, Bomb Scare

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CHAPEL HILL — Some overseas delegations with theSpecial Olympics World Summer Gamesare running into a housing glitch. Right now, the plan is for the athletes to be out of their assigned dorms by Monday, July 5.

Some delegations, however, need an extra day or two to stay in town because of changes in flight schedules.

"We have arranged for low cost housing for delegations that have to stay past July fifth in order to meet flight schedules," said Joe Freddoso, CEO of the Special Olympics World Summer Games. "This is in line with past games protocol. We are closely working with Special Olympics North Carolina to make certain delegations who are staying past the 5th, are accommodated."

The delegations are being asked to pay about $30 per person to stay. Some of the delegations say they do not have the money.

Special Olympics officials plan to come up with a solution by Friday.

There was another Special Olympics scare at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill. During the Special Olympics Basketball competition, someone found a suspicious package.

As a precaution, organizers evacuated the Dean Dome. Once the package was examined, security personnel discovered that it only contained a camera.

Fans and players were allowed back in and the basketball action resumed.