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Cary Candidates Share Ideas on Tackling Growth

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CARY — Tackling growth is no easy task. That is especially true in theTown of Cary, which is arguably the poster child for the effects of unchecked development. Four candidates vying for mayor have their own ideas to control growth.

Councilman Glen Lang is loved and hated. He is proud to be the person who kicked off Cary's slow growth movement.

"For the last two years I've been for trying to slow Cary's growth down until we get adequate roads, adequate schools, adequate parks in place. I've been consistent to that, and I'll stay consistent to that if I'm elected mayor," says Lang.

Lang's opponents say he has got it half right.

Former councilman John Duncan says growth should not go unchecked, but it should not be restricted either.

"I'm going to lead the council like we did in 1990, 89-to-93 when I was on there before, and the seven of us will manage the growth. We won't dictate it through laws and personalities," says Duncan.

Over a dozen Wake County leaders back Mary Kamm. She says growth controls will work if they are designed by the whole region.

"For me it's not are we gonna grow? Should we grow? No. We know we're gonna grow. And so we need to plan for that. We need to have a process. And so when I talk about smart growth it's a plan, and it's a comprehensive plan," says Kamm.

David Tyree's approach is similar to Kamm's with one key difference.

"I would say my platform would involve more of the citizens. More of the citizens more. The town of Cary has great citizen committees right now," he says.

And those citizens sure have a lot of choices for mayor.

Three of Cary's city council races involve candidates who are slow to no growth supporters.



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