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N.C. State Team Looking to be the 'Ultimate' National Champions

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RALEIGH — Frisbees started out as toys, but now they are part of a sport. Among college teams who play the game called "Ultimate,"N.C. State University's men's club teamis ranked No. 2 in the country.

"You don't get chances to be National Champions maybe once in your lifetime, and most people don't want to throw that away," said Coach Brian Dobyns.

The N.C. State Ultimate team is looking for a little respect for their team and for their sport.

"It's kind of like playing football with the frisbee," said Ultimate player Chris Bass.

At times, the game resembles basketball, and it moves with the speed of soccer.

"There's a lot of free movement throughout the field," explained Bass.

It soars with the drama of football.

"The idea is to move it up the field and score a touchdown, just like in football," said Bass.

But, unlike all those sports, a pro career is not beckoning the college stars.

Ultimate is a club sport. A portion of their costs are paid by the school, and sponsors pay the rest.

The team is preparing for a round of tournaments they hope will land them in Boulder, CO for the national championships in late May.

"The opportunity to be the best in your sport, a national champion, is very real to the people who play this sport," said Dobyns.

And very real to the players on the team as they perfect their game, stretch their endurance and dream the possible dream.

The Ultimate team currently ranked number one in the country is theUniversity of Colorado.

The championships will be played on their home field at the end of May.