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Search for Baby's Killer Continues in Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cumberland County investigators have turned to the national media to solve a perplexing and disturbing case.

In March, anewborn baby's body was discoveredalong the side of a road. This weekend,America's Most Wantedbroadcast a sketch that investigators believe may lead them to the killer.

Investigators have pulled out all the stops to catch the killer including roadblocks and rewards, but still they have gotten nowhere.

It was a Canady Pond road ditch in the Greys Creek area of Cumberland County where the full-term baby, bound in a plastic bag, was thrown out of a car.

That same night, two witnesses say they saw two people stopped in a car near where the baby was found. Expert sketch artists made the composites.

"They gave them the information, and they drew it up. According to them, the composites were a very good likeness of who they saw," explained Sgt. Steve McLamb of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

The baby was found in an area where the Robeson, Hoke, Bladen and Cumberland County lines meet. Investigators believe the two people they are looking to question may be from one of these counties.

"It's a possibility either in this area or outside of this area. We're not saying. We don't know if these people are from this area," said McLamb.

A $13,500 reward is being offered to anyone who leads authorities to the killer.