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U.S. Issues Postal Warning In Response To Y2K Terrorism

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FAYETTEVILLE — Federal agents have just about everyone on alert. The FBI is warning everyone to watch packages coming from Frankfurt, Germany because of possible mail bombs.

WithPope Air Force Baseand Fort Bragg in the area, the post office in Fayetteville handles numerous packages from overseas.

At the height of the mailing season, the warning could not have come at a more hectic time.

As American mail carriers deliver last-minute holiday packages, U.S. postal workers have been given the order to screen mail from Frankfurt, Germany.

"We have asked the American carriers and the foreign carriers that are hauling mail from Frankfurt, Germany to screen all mail and X-ray all packages over 16 ounces before it gets on the plane," said Dan Mihalko of the U.S. Postal Inspector's Office.

A senior administration official says the alert came to the U.S. from another country's intelligence service.

The information was specific and credible. People receiving packages specifically from the city of Frankfurt should use utmost caution.

"By all means, if you are not expecting anything from Frankfurt, and you do get something with a postmark coming from Frankfurt, Germany that should be a red flag going up," Mihalko said.

Security has been tightened at U.S. borders, military installations and airports.

Government leaders are warning everyone to be aware but at the same time, not to be afraid.

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