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Duke Women 'Found the Way to San Jose'

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SAN JOSE — It has been a Cinderella season for the Duke women's basketball team and fans hope there will be a happy ending.

The team is now headed somewhere they have never been before: the national championship game. The Devils beat the Georgia Bulldogs 81 to 69 Friday night, and Duke coach Gail Goestenkors says her team never doubted they could win.

The win marks the first time the Duke women have been in theFinal Four. Goestenkors said the team's goal was not just to come to the Final Four but to also win the championship, and fans hope theDuke womenwill bring home the Sears Trophy.

"She is a very gifted coach, and I think she can get that out of the players," said one fan.

Some fans traveled all the way from the Triangle to watch Duke play in the women's Final Four.

"I want to see Duke win, and I want to see the ACC represented great on the women's side," said Raleigh resident Kathy Murchison.

"This is my first time, by the way, at the women's Final Four. I've been to the men's. I chose to come to the women's this year," said Raleigh resident Adele Fine.

Thursday night, the Duke women traded in their uniforms for suits and dresses at an NCAA salute to the four teams.

"Women's basketball is alive, is well and is prospering in every corner of the United States," said Bernadette McGoade, ACC women's basketball chairwoman.

Vendors were ready to cash in on the sport's growing popularity.

Last Monday in Greensboro at the East Regional Championship, they had the biggest crowd ever for that game.

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