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Contractor Leaves Unfinished Work at Seymour Johnson

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SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB — Dozens of building projects sit at a standstill at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. The contractor backed out, and theAir Forceis scrambling to find someone to finish the jobs.

The former president of the company is in legal trouble. He allegedly tried to accept kickbacks at another Air Force base in another state.

Soon after he was charged with that, the company defaulted on its contract work at Seymour Johnson.

The Virginia company was supposed to finish its work on a restroom a week ago. Now that the company is off the job, some airmen have to walk outside to portable toilets until further notice.

"I know we haven't had anything since May, and it's really an inconvenience to have to walk or to use a porta potty. The porta potty is not always the cleanest thing," said Senior Airman Katrina Northcutt, recreational specialist.

In all, the company called Systems Engineering and Energy Management Associates left 31 jobs incomplete at the base. That is $3 million of work.

One of those jobs is at the base police department where up to eight officers often have to share space in one tiny room. Their new facility should be finished by now, but it is not even close.

"It makes it a little more inconvenient at times. You can't have as many people as you need to do the reports that you need to get done. It takes a little longer to finish the things that need to get done," said 1st Lt. Bryan O'Neill of the law enforcement office.

Because the base has already been through the building process once, it can streamline its efforts to finish the job.

The base hopes to have contractors on site by late next month.

"The good news is that the projects were, for the most part, pretty far along and, for the most part, were projects that were going to be an inconvenience to us and not a show-stopper," said Maj. Nick Carter.

The company told WRAL that it had no comment about the unfinished work.

Base officials say the unfinished work has no impact on the readiness of base personnel.

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