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The 'Golden Knights' Take to the Skies for Army Recruits

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FORT BRAGG — The Army's Golden Knights are looking for a few good soldiers. The elite parachuting team is short members because of military cuts and overseas missions.

They are the Army's goodwill ambassadors, and the elite few who make the team love performing for millions of people every year.

"We're doing the show out there for the kids, and just trying to be a good role model for the kids," says Sgt. Don Semon with the Golden Knights. "Role models aren't too hard to come by today, but here in the Army we're trying to be one of the positive role models."

The Golden Knights are now recruiting new members. Typically, soldiers can only spend three years with the Knights. That is because with military downsizing, commanders need all the troops they can get for deployments.

"It affects everyone in the Army and it does affect us, but not greatly," says Spc. Richard Chandler with the Golden Knights. "We're still able to do our mission, and we're still able to do it safely."

To be a Golden Knight, soldiers have to have an impeccable military and civilian record.

"Recruiting is one of our main missions," says Maj. Rene Jewett with the Golden Knights. "And if a person does not enjoy the Army or have a good record in the Army, he really can't recruit other people into the Army."

No matter how many soldiers the Golden Knights may need, they will continue to wow crowds across the country.

The Golden Knights will celebrate their 40th anniversary later this year.

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