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Duke University Offers A Top Education and Cheap Beer

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DURHAM — One of the nation's most prestigious universities has come up with something completely different to attract the best and brightest - cheap beer.

TheUniversity Alumni Departmentgave a $5,000 grant to bring beer trucks to the Durham campus. They say it will bring students back on campus for more of a community feel.

"We don't ever want to create an environment where alcohol is the focus," says Sue Wasiolek, dean of Student Affairs. "I think what we would like to do is create an environment where it is a component of the social experience."

University officials have received a lot of criticism for making alcohol more available on campus, but they argue it contributes to campus life. They also believe it creates a safer environment for socializing.

"You can also argue that the most forbidden fruit, is the most desirable fruit," Wasiolek said.

Students appreciate the university's initiative.

"I think this is a good effort to bring everyone back on the main quad, and have a lot of fun," saysDukesenior Martine Lellis. "It was nice when the weather was nice."

The beer trucks are very controlled, and the beer is not free.

"The bartenders are trained, just like any other bar to try to look at [ID's] carefully," Wasiolek said. "We make a good-faith effort to check ID's."

"I talked to a lot of my underclassman friends, and they basically said, 'We can't get beer out there because they are really strict on carding,'" Duke junior Eric Clark said.

Dean Wasiolek said they are offering the beer trucks one semester at a time. She said that the students have been taking responsibility for each other's actions, and that it has been going well, without incident.

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