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Child Care Coalition Rallies for Funding

Posted May 25, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— As many parents know, the cost of day care can be more than a college education. A North Carolina day care group is working to bring the cost down while raising the quality of care.

The North Carolina Child Care Coalition held a rally in downtown Raleigh Wednesday to discuss ways to achieve that goal. They say the state needs to designate more money to the childcare industry.

Members of the North Carolina Child Care Coalition say the amount of money that day care centers receive from the state for subsidies has not kept up with inflation. As a result, many centers are reluctant to take children who are receiving subsidies.

"We've had this big push for quality without any push in funding to support the quality," says Beth Rector, of the North Carolina Child Care Coalition. "Right now we are not paying for basic child care, so how can you expect providers to provide quality child care when they're not getting paid for basic?"

The rain delayed the rally a bit, but did not stop Governor Hunt from joining child care advocates from across the state.