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When it Comes to School Bus Safety, Remember the Rules of the Road

Posted August 11, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— More than 13,000 school buses carry 700,000 students to school every day in North Carolina. Three state agencies want to make sure parents, students and drivers have not forgotten the rules of the road when it comes to buses.

Thousands of students in our state start each morning waiting for a bus to take them to class; it can also be the most dangerous part of their day.

Last year, two children were killed in bus-related accidents in North Carolina, including one in Vance County.

Seven-year-old Kim Williams was killed as he was leaving his bus stop. Officials say he walked into the path of of the bus.

TheDivision of Motor Vehicles, theDepartment of Public InstructionandCrime Control and Public Safetyare providingbus safety tips, including reminding motorists they can receive five points on their license if they fail to stop for a stopped school bus.

They also want parents to remind their children to stay out of the "danger zone" -- the area immediately around the outside of the bus.

Parents should also remind their child to wait for the bus to stop completely before crossing the street.

Monday, theNorth Carolina Highway Patrolput out their own safety reminders in the form of a posters and offered some advice to parents.

"Make sure you have gone to the bus stop with them and found a safe place that's back from the road and clearly visible in both directions to wait for the bus...That's extremely important," says Richard Moore, secretary of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety.

In April, the DPI conducted a one day survey of 100 school systems. The survey found 1,700 drivers passed a stopped school bus that day.