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Long-Awaited, Controversial Dog Park Opens In Cary

Posted January 29, 2006 6:39 a.m. EST

— The town of Cary has opened its first

off-leash dog park

, and so far, more than 200 residents have purchased passes that give their pets a place to safely run -- all enclosed by a chain link fence.

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    Town Of Cary Dog Park

    Located near Godbold Park, the one-acre park features areas for small and large dogs that are surrounded by 5-foot-high fences with screening, paved entrances and electronic gates.

    "Dogs need to get out and play and socialize and be around other people, as well as other dogs," said Tracy Harris, who has waited for the off-leash park for three years.

    Harris and her dog, Casey, have frequently visited the park since it opened.

    Originally expected to open last summer, the opening was delayed after a developer's mistake and opposition from nearby residents concerned about noise and traffic. So far, those who opposed the park say it has not been disruptive.

    Dog owners wanting to use the park must have an access card, which is proof that owners have registered their pets, have gotten them vaccinated and have paid a fee -- which ranges in price from $5, for a day-pass, up to $60, for an annual pass.

    The passes also allow the town of Cary to track how many dogs and dog owners access the park. Tracking the usage could help the town plan for future dog parks.

    The fees are to offset the $43,000 spent to construct the park.