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Victim of Overpass Attack Returns Home, Sister Doesn't Blame N.C.

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FAYETTEVILLE — A young man who was hit by a rock thrown from an I-95 overpass returned home Wednesday.

It was the early morning hours of March 15 whena rock tore through the roof of Vytlingam's carnearly killing him. His family rushed to his bedside to lend prayers and support.

Vytlingam was airlifted to a Toronto hospital Wednesday morning, and his family followed shortly thereafter. But before they left, they wanted everyone to know they do not blame the county or state for what happened.

"My impression of Fayetteville is very, very good," says Suzana Vytlingam, the victim's sister. "This really could have happened anywhere. So I'm not upset at North Carolina. I'm actually happy that it happened here because Michael was in such good care."

Vytlingam remains in critical condition. The injuries could leave him blind and with significant brain damage, still family members have hope.

"With this kind of injuries you really just don't know, and we just have to give it time and continue to pray that Michael will be OK," Suzana said. "It's a miracle that my brother has made it this far."

And for all the schools, well-wishers, and churches that sent their sympathy, the Vytlingams say they could not have made it without them.

Cumberland County Sheriff's officials say they still do not have any suspects in the case. Anyone who would like to follow Vytlingam's recovery can check out theMichael Vytlingam Healing Highwaysite, which provides the latest information on his condition.


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