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Fayetteville Cops Head to Kosovo For Higher Pay

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FAYETTEVILLE — Pay has always been an issue for Fayetteville police officers. Now, the more experienced ones have a chance to make six figures doing similar work inKosovo.

Over the last year, the police department has lost investigators, SWAT team members and patrol officers to a one-year program in Kosovo. The officers are willing to leave a steady job for a much better paycheck.

That is the reason Investigator Regina Hart is leaving her job at the Fayetteville Police Department. After eight years on the force, she is resigning to take a job in Kosovo for a year. Her tax-free salary is just over $100,000.

"This is not something I want to do. I'm doing it more for my family and children. The amount I'm making now would take me over four years here at this pay rate now to make what I make in a year with DynCorp," said Hart.

DynCorp provides officers to theUnited Nationsas International Police Monitors for Kosovo.

The competition to participate is fierce. In the last year, six Fayetteville officers have made that cut, and another six are in the application process.

Chief Ron Hansen says he cannot fault his officers for leaving for big bucks, but because of the interest, he has had to change his policy. He no longer can allow his officers to take a year-long leave of absence.

"Now they have to resign. They are certainly welcome to come back and start again, but they have to start at the bottom," said Hansen.

In 1996, Officer Peggy Marchant went to Bosnia for DynCorp. At the time, it was a financial decision, but she came back thinking she may go again.

"I really feel like I did contribute to their culture and to the area we all worked in," said Marchant.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Department also has four deputies who are in the process of heading to Kosovo. The Sheriff's policy is also that they must resign.

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