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Cumberland County Cracks Down on School Zone Speeding

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cumberland County authorities are cracking down on people speeding in zones where school is in session for the summer.

There are almost 3,000 students attending school this summer inCumberland County. And there are more school zones open this summer than ever before. But many motorists are learning that lesson the hard way -- with a ticket.

Fayetteville Police Sgt. Steve McIntosh is one of many officers focusing in on the problem.

"What I'm trying to do is focus in on the vehicles and watch them as they come through the camera lens," McIntosh says. "Then some of our officers come up behind them and stop them and write state citations."

Dozens of motorists have been caught speeding in the year-round school zones.

Crossing guard Regina Smith is amazed by the speed of some vehicles. "Most of the time they just fly through here, and even when I go out and stop traffic they go by me."

"One of them had a 54 in a 25 per hour zone and the regular speed zone out here on Ramsey Street when the school zone is not flashing is 45," McIntosh says.

Authorities are using radar to go after the speeders, but that's not slowing drivers down.

"They just go flying by. They'll even see the signals and they're flashing and they'll think 'Oh that must be a mistake cause my kid's not going to school yet,'" says Sheriff's Deputy Roger Kovault. "They're forgetting about these year-round schools. They're in session right now. They've been in session for about three weeks."

Officials are working hard to solve the problem before a child gets hurt.

Anyone caught speeding in a school zone anywhere in the state could face fines of more than $100 and higher insurance rates if driver's license points are added.


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