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Moving Day for Students at NCSU

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RALEIGH — No matter the calendar, it's the end of summer forNC Statestudents. Most of them have moved in, so Sunday is a day for relaxing before getting back into the school mode. For freshmen, the excitement is building.

"I got here yesterday," says John Meade. "I went to the party last night and had a great time. Ever since this morning, it has been go, go, go."

"It is going to be a real big change," says Michael Tyson. "I do not go home every night so I don't have my mom to wash my clothes."

No, they cannot bring their moms to college, but they can bring their own carpet and, most important, their refrigerator and television.

Well, maybe they do need their moms and dads to help with the computer, but students are on their own.

On their own until they make new friends, for which there are plenty of opportunities for incoming freshmen.

Going to sleep the first night may be the toughest thing they do all day.

"It is going to be different on the top bunk," Robin Sweeney predicted. "I have not shared bunk beds in a while, so that will be different."

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