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Authorities Explode Various Objects to Defuse Future Problems

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NASHVILLE — Normally, law enforcement officers try to defuse explosive situations, but Wednesday they caused one on purpose. Officers in Nash County watched as various objects were exploded in front of them. It was all part of their hands-on training.

It is a situation that no one wants to see happen, but police have to be ready for it.

"This gives us a better idea of the effects of a blast on certain objects and the patterns of objects as they explode," says Detective John Noble with theRaleigh Police Department.

More than 30 police officers, deputies and fire marshals from the Southeast went to Nash County to see how bombs work and what they leave behind.

With the development of the Internet, more people than ever know how to make a bomb, and how to make it kill.

"Information that's available on the Internet has really made the types of devices more sophisticated, and the information is readily available for people to make devices with items that are easily obtained," says ATF trainer David Hyche.

The idea of the demonstration is to study the aftereffects of an explosion, just like police would in real life. Thursday, they will turn cars into piles of burnt and twisted medal.

"With some of the recent bombing events around the country, it is important for local law enforcement, who are going to be the first responders to any type of bombing incident, to be prepared," says Capt. J.K. Anderson with the Wilson Police Department.

This type of training is rare in North Carolina. The students hope they do not have to use it any time soon.


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