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Prepare For Hurricane Season Before It Hits

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RALEIGH — Seeing pictures from Hurricane Fran brings back bad memories for a lot of people around here; trees fell by the millions, and at the coast the storm surge flooded streets and homes.

In the past, statistics show that storm surge, or flooding at the coast, caused the most deaths during a hurricane. But new statistics came out this year, and according to theNational Weather Servicethe majority of deaths now occur from inland flooding.

"The number one killer will be the floods not the wind," says Joel Cline, of the National Weather Service. "Even though the wind is what's going to terrify everybody, the water is going to be what mainly kills people."

Even though hurricane season officially begins June 1, you can start preparing now with the Hurricane Tracking Map.

The map has a section on what to do when a storm is forecast, when a storm threatens, and when a storm passes. The map allows you to track storms at home, and includes a glossary of meteorological terms. The storm categories explain the kind of damage a particular storm may leave behind.

The maps will be available in Saturday'sNews & Observer. You also can pick up copies at area Wendy's.

Additional information about tropical storms can be found at ncstormtrack, a site produced by WRAL OnLine and The News & Observer on the Web. There you'll find frequently updated weather maps, an interactive storm tracker, and plenty of photos and videos from past storms.