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Cumberland Red Cross Ready to Handle Hurricanes With Mobile Shelter

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cumberland CountyRed Crossworkers say they are better prepared to handle a hurricane than ever before. They have a new, special weapon that will provide immediate help to hurricane victims who have to seek shelter.

Cumberland Countyresidents remember very well the damage and destructionHurricane Franbrought inland.

Many people had to leave their homes and seek shelter. Now, Red Cross workers finally have a mobile shelter.

This utility trailer can help provide temporary shelter for 150 hurricane victims.

"If something big were to happen in any part of the state, we could move the shelter from Raleigh to Wilmington or from Fayetteville to Raleigh or Charlotte to Asheville. It doesn't matter. Wherever there's a need, we could move to it," said Bob Zieglar of the Red Cross.

Although it is just a little utility trailer, it holds about everything anyone could need in an emergency situation including a tool box equipped with flashlights and 150 blankets and cots.

The trailer also has generator.

"We can plug fans into here. We have halogen lights that are on the board back here. We can plug the emergency lights in so we can see inside the shelter. You're never without lights, and you're never without fans," said Ronda Niver of the Red Cross.

The trailer and contents cost about $64,000. It was paid for by local business sponsors.

Red Cross workers are looking for more sponsors so they can buy more trailers.

The mobile shelter is not just for hurricanes. Red Cross workers can use it for any disaster that may strike the state.