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For Some Flood Victims, Relief May Be Out of Reach

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SMITHFIELD — Help, from both governmental and private sources, is on the way to victims of Hurricanes Floyd and Irene. But in Johnston County, it is quite possible a few flood victims will not get any money.

County leaders are choosing to hand out the money on an "as-needed" basis.

Members of one family that applied for flood relief in Johnston County are worried they won't qualify.

The Skroven family sleeps in a hotel -- Mom, Dad and three teen-age boys, Rick, Eddie and Josh.

Susan Skrovan says it is "kind of humiliating going from one place to another."

They once lived at 383 Willford Road on the edge of Johnston County land they own, and in a mobile home that was paid for.

But Floyd left his signature and their mobile home wound up with a "condemned" sticker affixed to it.

No one but dogs occupy Willford Road right now. The Skrovan family wants to come back, even though they will have to build on higher ground.

Returning home, however, may not be in their immediate future.

Mrs. Skrovan has been told her Wal-Mart salary might make her ineligible for a portion of the governor's relief funds.

"They said that based on income we may not be able to get help, and I don't think that's fair," she said.

Molly Parker, chairperson of Johnston County's unmet needs program, says the county's portion of the state fund -- $101,000 -- will be distributed based on who needs what most.

"After we see all the needs then we will decide exactly how much we going to give each person, depending on the need or the crisis situation," Parker said.

Mrs. Skrovan said her family is "not asking for anything. Just a place to call home."

Johnston County's applications for the Governor's relief fund will be accepted through Friday.

Susan Skrovan and her husband, a truck driver, hope they will be eligible for a 3 percent 30-year loan to rebuild, if they are not eligible for a portion of the relief fund. Reporter: Barbara Cain

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