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Traces of Irene Remain Down East

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MARMAC — Compared to the day after Hurricane Floyd, aerial pictures of indicate Hurricane Irene was a much kinder -- although unwelcome -- visitor. FromSky5, the rainwater damage appears minimal.

Watch RealVideo28.8 modemsorISDN and fasterThe Marmac neighborhood along Route 117 outside of Goldsboro has remained under water since Hurricane Floyd. Any additional damage from Hurricane Irene's rain won't be measurable for a day or two.

The flash flooding soaked farmers' fields again. Standing water can be seen in several Goldsboro area fields.

Rain water lightly covers one residential lane in LaGrange. Motorists drove straight through. Water continues to surround homes in that area but apparently the situation was not made significantly worse by Irene.

Little Continental Road, off US 264 heading east in Pitt County, is submerged as water from Thompson Swamp rose in Edgecombe County.

Princeville looks same -- the remains of Floyd are still apparent but no additional rain water causing problems today.

Several mobile homes are surrounded by rain water today in Booth, east of Princeville.

In Rocky Mount, mobile homes remain bogged down in floodwater.

The Tar River poured over the Goose Branch Dam in Rocky Mount -- a torrent behaving itself, so far, by staying in its banks.

The Buckhorn reservoir is pouring an apparent overload of water over the spillway, seeping to the sides.

And in Hoke County southwest of Hope Mills, Freddie's Lake in Hoke County exceeded its borders, covering one road and flowing through nearby trees. Excess water appeared to rush over Rock Creek spillway. Upchurch Lake did not flood.

But it's been a mess in Hoke County where a dam broke, yet overall down east it could have been much worse.

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