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After 3 Years, Wayne County Vows to Clean Hurricane Damage at Trailer Park

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GOLDSBORO — Most of the damage left behind by Hurricane Fran is gone with the wind and has been for years. But just outside of Goldsboro, they are just getting around to cleaning up a trailer park that was washed out by Fran.

Wayne County is stepping in and says it is going to clean up the mess, which has been sitting abandoned for three years.

Dozens of broken down and empty mobile homes lay alongside cars that have not moved in years.

"With two little ones running around, you don't know who could be going in and out of them at nighttime," says neighbor Tamara Akers. "And with little ones, you don't know if they can get over there or not."

Thirty families used to live in the mobile home park, but it is a ghost town today. In a few months all of the leftover debris is supposed to be gone. Wayne County is paying $160,000 to clear the land. The federal and the state governments will eventually pay it back with flood relocation funds.

"And as a result of that, we are trying to clear out as much of that as we can," says Connie Price, planning director for Wayne County, "so the next time there is a flood, these people can be out of harms way."

Good-riddens say the people who live nearby. They have watched as the leftover homes turned into magnets for stray animals and other things that move around in the dark.

"Sometimes at night I get scared because you can see some of the houses move, and it just scares me," says neighbor Amanda Wilson.

"You can find dead racoons, dogs and cats in these old trailers," says neighbor Laura Guy. "I mean all it is just wasted land."

The county says it will open up some of the mobile homes to metal scrap dealers who can come in and try to make a little money. What they do not want to see, are people trying to use the mobile homes as a primary or secondary home.