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Hurricane Floyd Approaches U.S. Coast, Could Make History

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RALEIGH — IfHurricane Floydstrengthens ever so slightly into acategory 5storm andifit comes ashore, Floyd will make history.

Forget Andrew, Hugo and Fran. Those 3 storms are midgets compared to what may be coming.

Everyone that remembers the damage that Fran left is hoping Floyd will not do the same.

"It came in at night. You didn't see it, but you heard a lot. There were tornadoes everywhere people next door had 25 trees down," said one resident aboutHurricane Fran.

That September night in 1996, Fran swept down trees, knocked out power and flooded the Triangle.

In September 1989, Hurricane Hugo was still a category 2 storm when he roared through Charlotte.

"This is what we don't want coming right through the Triangle," said meteorologist George Lemons.

At theNational Weather Service, a model shows Floyd's eye passing right over Chatham County early Thursday morning.

Lemons is tracking Floyd.

"No one needs to panic, but we need to plan what we're going to do if it rolls over the Triangle," said Lemons.

What could Floyd do if he follows Fran's path?

"We had a billion dollars in damage with the storm. This could be a major, major event," said WRAL Chief MeteorologistGreg Fishel.

"I don't know what I'm going to do this time, I'm a little scared," said one Raleigh resident.

Being ready means having enough to survive for at least 3 days without power.

You cannot move your house, but you can check for tree limbs that could be ready to go in high winds.

It is not too early to start mapping out your strategy.

Emergency managers suggest you prepare a three-day kit of supplies for each person in your household, including a gallon of water per day, non-perishable food and extra batteries.

One school has decided it will dismiss early due to the possibilty of severe weather. The Eastern School for the Deaf in Wilson will dismiss at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday and will be closed the rest of the week.

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