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Fill Up On News When You Drive To The Gas Station

Posted January 1, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— Technology seems to reach into every corner of our lives, even when you are pumping gasoline. Gas pumps are hooking up to space and cyberspace.

Pumps at one north Raleigh gas station dish out CNN Headline news while you fill up. The signal comes from a satellite and the station manager can select channels. Most customers seem to like the update.

"Well, it gives you some good information while you're sitting here. Usually while you're pumping gas, you're twiddling your thumbs or sitting back," says gas customer Bert Sellers. "I usually like to watch the stock markets, and see what the stock market reports are doing or sports headlines."

You will also soon be able to print coupons out in the receipt box at the pump and get discounts on products. Marconi Commerce Systems in Greensboro teamed with an Atlanta company to offer the coupons. Customers push a button to select the coupon of their choice.

Other systems will offer e-mail services in addition to customized commercials, local weather and traffic conditions.

Marconi Commerce Systems plans to put its Internet-driven screens on 100,000 gas pumps across the U.S.