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Intense Heat Dogs Animal Shelter

Posted April 12, 2001 4:23 a.m. EDT

— At Hoke County's Haven Friends For Life Animal Shelter, 300 dogs are having a tough time, but workers are trying to make their living conditions as comfortable as possible.

The shelter is a non-profit organization run by Linden Spear and her husband on their 200-acre farm.

"This year we estimate we'll be asked to find homes for about 200 animals," says Spear.

Spear's 300 dogs are housed in cages which do not have roofs to protect against the sun, but they have come up with a temporary fix.

"We're putting up a tarping system now, because the hot weather came upon us a little earlier than we anticipated," says Spear.

"The trees don't come over the kennels enough so they need a roof," adds Tracy Larson, who also works at the shelter.

Late last year, Spear began remodeling some of the kennels on her farm.

She hopes to be able to afford a new roofing system later this month so her animals can get some relief before it gets too hot.

"The only way we can be a no kill animal shelter is if we house them long enough to find appropriate loving homes And they need to have housing," says Spear.

There are also plans to install a sprinkler system to help keep the animals cool.